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by Jeffrey Terreson accepted into International Open Juried Exhibition


at the Katonah Museum of Art

with Guest Curator Akili Tommasino of Boston’s Museum of Fine Art.

Out of 957 entires from over 13 countries, only 67 were chosen.

Exhibition open from June 30th - September 22nd


Gallery Statement

Can we allow art to be the container from which we envision ways to restore community? Throughout history we observe how artists have been at the forefront of social transformation.

We are the producers of culture and the generators of voice. It is our responsibility to continue in that movement and to hold ourselves accountable for the art we are producing and sharing within our communities.

The importance of an artist’s voice is something deeply personal but larger than the self. Forward Contemporary surfaces the desire to come together through the current times.

It is within the toughest moments where we must challenge our own identities and perceptions in order to recover ways to connect, understand and align with each other.

With a real appreciation for aesthetic, Forward Contemporary merges the classic concept of a commercial art gallery with the non-negotiable need for a creative cultural space.

We aim to provide a meeting point where art and social practice can merge. So here is to moving Forward. Here is to taking agency in who we are becoming.



43 Katonah Ave
Katonah, NY, 10536
United States of America

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